Why Choose Us

It is my pleasure to welcome you to My Hometowns Texas, LLC Entertainment Magazine. I am your publisher, Joe Adams and have been in marketing and newspaper business for the last 20 years. I have actually sold ads to several of the businesses in this area for many years.

I am excited to present to you the first entertainment and cultural magazine for Hood and Somervell counties. Culture is defined as the pursuit of art, music, or social events that are considered to be valuable or enlightened. I want this magazine to be fun for everyone. My goal is for you to look and find new and enjoyable activities to do, if you are a local resident or just someone lucky enough to be passing by, we want you to see what is going on West of the Metroplex!

Have you ever wondered where you want to eat tonight, or what there is to do, or what band is playing where?  I want this magazine to help you in making your decision about where to have fun in this area. 

A Few Words About Us

There will be a calendar of local events to keep you informed of what is going on where and who is doing what. I believe the reason people go to the metroplex is because they are unaware of the new establishments in this area and what is going on locally. Have you ever noticed that if you put four or five restaurants together they will all have more business? That is why I want to incorporate all fun activities together so everyone can enjoy life in their own backyard. 

We welcome your feedback as we experiment, tweak and fine-tune over the next few issues. Please share your thoughts with us and send your events and happenings to events@myhometownstexas.com. We cannot say “thank you” enough for everyone’s encouragement and enthusiasm.

QR Code Marketing

You may have noticed we use many qr codes in our magazine. It is no secret that QR Codes are growing in popularity. Open any major magazine and you will see codes sprinkled throughout for product websites, YouTube videos, audio instructions, product offers and coupons.

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